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With the click of a few keys, you can create your own personalized list of top colleges, sorted from No. 1 all the way down to that weird college your uncle attended ... And people wonder why admissions officers don’t sleep well.

No disrespect to the fine folks crunching all the data, numbers, and surveys to come up with their college rankings, but we’re loving this idea so much better: Custom college rankings, based on the criteria you care about!

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Who is College Factual for?

Our site is dedicated to aspiring students of all ages and those helping them to make a better decision about which college, career and major to pursue. 

While the choice of college and major can play a large role in setting the course for your entire life, most students don't make the best pick.  We are going to change that.

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Most of College Factual is entirely FREE!  If you like what we do, we offer some advanced paid reports and analysis for those higher education seekers that want to dive deeper.

We are what would happen if Consumer Reports and had a baby.  We combine in-depth analysis on each college and then personalize it to identify your individual strengths, interests and preferences to find the best college match for you.

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