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Why We Partnered With ScoreBeyond

Up Your SAT / ACT Score

ScoreBeyond effectively uses student data to narrow in on weak spots and design personalized tutoring programs to quickly up a student's SAT or ACT score.

They are a great match to College Factual's data and student-centric business model.  

ScoreBeyond offers effective, data-drive, one-on-one tutoring to students at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Their adaptive learning platform and expert tutors make recommendations on what the student should work on to improve the most & keep parents in the loop throughout the process.

Various packages are available: ScoreBeyond guarantees a +300 point lift in SAT score or +5 point lift in ACT score for their Elite Package.

College Factual is happy to partner with ScoreBeyond and recommend their services as they save users time and money with their highly focused and personalized training and tutoring services. 

Why ScoreBeyond?

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