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We Help Families Make Better College Decisions

Our tools help students find their future faster using the hundreds of different fit factors that go into our proprietary matching technology to help them identify their best fit college and major.

with the best college decision tools.  Fast, fun and FREE!

Best Fit Major

Best Fit College

Best Fit Price

"It is a wonderful website that allowed me to find my path in life for college and my degree."

-Snyder N.

"I found it very helpful in evaluating both the relative fit & value of each school's offer, and in the negotiation of additional aid from several of my son's schools."

-D. Reed

"I used to be nervous about the future but college factual showed how easy it is to find the right place just for me."

-Ashley S.

"This process was very insightful to who I am and what I am looking for. The 30 minutes I spent taking the quizzes on this site was better than the hours I spend going back and forward talking to admission advisors about colleges."

-S. McCray

Advisor Tools That Let You Focus on Advising

Don't waste time gathering data about colleges or your students. We can pull it all together and help you draw out the key insights needed to improve decision making.

Best Fit Major

Best Fit College

Best Fit Price

Understand each student's unique strengths, interests, goals and circumstances in minutes.

Student Profiles

College & Major List

Ensure students come to you with a well informed list of colleges and majors already created.

Match Analysis

See a personalized fit report for each college and major to understand why it is or isn't a good fit.

Add Your Expert Guidance

Create maximum value, for more students, by spending the little time you do have sharing your expert knowledge and coaching your students to make the best decision possible.

Best Fit Major

Best Fit College

Best Fit Price

College Insights

Understand each student's unique strengths, and how good of a fit they are for a particular college.

Your Guidance

Spend your time more effectively by combining your expert experience with our data.

Parent Involvement

Parent's feedback is automatically gathered and included to make collaboration fast and easy.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for advisors or school districts to use?

Absolutely nothing. We are on a mission to help every student get the best education their money can buy.  We believe advisors like you are our best allies in that fight and we don't want anything to get in the way of us working together to deliver on that mission. 

Can colleges buy their way into your rankings or match suggestions?

Absolutely not!  Our rankings and recommendations are 100% focused on what is in the best interest of students and they are unaltered in any way based on whether or not a college is a customer.

How is this tool different from others I could use?

There are many other services, both paid and free, that claim to match students to colleges.

However, we find that the majority of those services don't truly match and instead are just advanced search tools. The best of these tools may suggest colleges based on a student's location or SAT score. The worst suggest colleges based on what schools haave paid to be sponsored.

College Factual is much different in that we start with the student's strengths and interests. Knowing a student's strengths and interests allows us to suggest the perfect major matches for a student. We also take into account the student's needs and wants in size and location, academics and finances.

This allows us to match students to colleges where they are likely to thrive, as they will be studying a major they are passionate about, while at the same time be academically stimulated and not stressed over taking out too many loans.

Do you share student information?

We take privacy very seriously and believe it's a student's right to choose who to share their identity with and when. For more details, view our privacy policy.