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Scholarship Secrets




Did you know some colleges use the FAFSA 'against' you? Get insider tips and learn what to do when you have special financial circumstances.

Negotiating Aid $$$


The offers are on the table, but that doesn't mean you have to accept them. Learn how to talk with financial aid offices to ensure maximum aid dollars.

Can You Afford Your College Dream?

You've excelled in high school, applied to college, the acceptance letters have arrived, and now comes the hard part -- reviewing the financial aid offers and determining what you can afford. College insiders have helped us pull together invaluable information that can help you get the financial aid you deserve.

College Factual
This controversial Ebook is a collaborative effort between college admission officers, who wished to remain anonymous, and the team at College Factual - an innovative site that uses custom tools and outcomes-based data to guide students and their mentors through the college selection process.

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"I have personally used the information contained within this book to help a close family friend successfully negotiate a better financial aid package for her child. No one should overpay for college.
 Download this controversial book and you'll see why our 'college insiders' wished to remain anonymous."

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