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Our goal is to help you provide the best education your students' money can buy to ensure a bright future for them and your school.

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Which students are you the best in the world at serving?

Rather than trying to be all things to all students, institutions that will thrive in the coming decade will be those that clearly define their market and focus on being the best fit.

Differentiate your brand by highlighting your core strengths through personalized communications.

Drive more qualified applicants by eliminating the barriers to apply.

Identify Your Strengths

Communicate Your Strengths

Attract More Applicants

"I like that these rankings are based on outcome-based data and are devoid of any subjective or emotional parameters..."

-Pradeep A.

Better Fit Programs + Better Fit Students => Better Outcomes

Start by identifying what your unique strengths are with the right competitive intelligence.

Your purpose is to help them fulfill theirs.

Students believe they are buying a brighter future from you, not just an education. We can help you deliver on that promise.

Leverage Their Strengths

Create Successful Alumni

Discover Outcome Insights

Increase student success by helping them choose the major that best aligns with their natural strengths and interests.

Turn your graduates into thankful advocates of your school by launching them into the career most likely to help them fulfill their purpose.

Track outcomes and draw actionable insights from them to optimize every other aspect of your student pipeline.

We are inviting a limited number of colleges to participate this year.

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"Thank you, as an educator and a parent, for providing a comprehensive site for students..."

-Trudy S.

"This website does more with comparing colleges than the other sites I've seen plus it compares on financial, location majors and academics..."

 -Alexis F.

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